Choosing A Wood Bowl for Your Caesar Salad - Plus 5 Bonus Recipes

A wooden chopping bowl and mezzaluna makes quick work of preparing a Caesar salad because you can easily chop the Romaine lettuce right in the bowl. Salad prep and serving has never been this easy and looked this gorgeous.

As wooden salad bowls come in a variety of sizes, here are some things you need to consider when wanting to whip up your own Caesar salad:

  • Know which size of wood bowl you’ll need. A 10-inch bowl can serve up a salad for one while a larger 12-inch bowl would be perfect for two to three people. For a wood bowl that can hold a salad large enough for a group of four to six people, a 15-inch bowl is perfect.
  • Choose salad bowls made of premium hardwood as they are sturdy enough to endure dicing and slicing. Go for all-natural wooden bowls that are free from wood stains and other chemicals. 
  • If salads are a staple in your home, you’ll want to treat your wood bowls regularly with a food-safe wood preserver to keep them looking beautiful. 

Here’s a super quick way to prepare the perfect Caesar salad:

  • Add all of your dressing ingredients - garlic, anchovies, eggs, lemon juice, olive oil, and pepper -  to the bowl and whisk them together. 
  • Add full leaves of romaine lettuce and chop to toss, adding more until you get your desired saturation. 
  • Top with Parmesan for garnish and seasoning, and toss further. Then, add your croutons. Serve as soon as possible.

Everyone loves Caesar salad, so we’re serving up some of our favorite recipes that offer a new take on this all-time favorite healthy medley:

Switch things up by replacing romaine with Brussels sprouts as the base for your Caesar salad- they’re crunchy and nutty with a subtle taste of sweetness. Top it all with salty bacon and crisp croutons with each bite finishing with a hint of lemon and garlic. It’s definitely going to be a new family favorite!

This healthy take on Caesar salad can impress any crowd, vegan or not. Tangy and creamy like the traditional version, raw cashews give the dressing a smooth, silky texture. Toss it over your crunchy romaine lettuce and top it all off with crisp, garlicky croutons, capers, and chopped avocadoes.


Quick and easy, this take on Caesar salad won’t leave you worrying about your leftover chicken. Simply add your romaine lettuce to a large serving bowl, toss with rich, creamy dressing, and top it off with sliced crispy chicken and Parmesan cheese. Bulk it up some more by serving rice on the side.


Want to step back from the traditional chicken Caesar? It’s time you tried out your salad with bowtie pasta and chunks of flaky canned salmon. Chop up some kale and add it to your pasta. Do it all in one large bowl so you can top everything off with salmon, hard-boiled eggs, shredded Parm, and your Caesar dressing. It’s fun, filling, and flavorful!


Add some Tex-Mex twist to your Caesar salad with spicy croutons tossed with a homemade chili powder mix. Give it some contrast with cool, coarsely chopped romaine hearts, seared salmon, and a tangy dressing seasoned with lime juice.  Your tastebuds will thank you!

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