American Farmhouse Bowls is all about craftsmanship we only offer wood bowls inspected and designated #1 quality.

The importance of #1 quality.

With all the things that can go wrong in creating a perfect bowl, it is not easy to reach #1 quality. It starts with the wood. We only use premium hardwood that has been sustainably sourced through select cutting. That means only large diameter trees are selected, leaving less mature trees to take their place. This practice also helps open the forest floor to sunlight, to aid in future growth Your bowl is made from a single piece of this pristine wood. We refuse to use glues and fillers to achieve the "look" of quality bowl. No, our bowls are simply the best because they start with the best wood.

The bowls are hand-turned from large blocks of wood which have been inspected for quality and to ensure they are free of knots. Any that cannot be used are recycled for other purposes, like firewood, so nothing goes to waste.

Accuracy and impeccable attention to detail is necessary to turn the perfect bowl, and we ensure we get it right each time. 

The next step for many other wood bowl manufacturers is treatments and enhancements like stains and sealants. We don't believe in adding these harsh chemicals to the natural state of wooden bowls. Instead we treat each bowl to a special organic rub that penetrates deeply into the grain to condition completely. Then, after the rub has soaked in, we hand rub each bowl until the beautiful wood sheen is presented. The end result is a warm, glowing, all-natural bowl worthy of #1 quality designation and a place in your home.  

But, we're not done yet... when you place an order with American Farmhouse Bowls we select your gorgeous new bowl, which has recently been completed - no sitting on shelves for months for our wood bowls!) and engrave it as you wish for free.

Next, we place it in a white gift box and include special care instructions. For bowls greater than 10" we also include our signature American Farmhouse Bowls flour sack towel for free. This handy towel can be used when you condition your bowls but it also looks great in your kitchen. Highly aborbent and hard working, it's a long-time favorite of our customers .

We believe in fast delivery so your bowl will ship UPS or USPS Priority Mail. If you order over $75 we'll even ship it for free.

We care abour your satisfaction so much that we offer you a Lifetime Guarantee on your new bowl.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us at Hello@AmericanFarmhouseBowls.com. Thank you!