Our Top Picks for the Best Handmade Wooden Bowls for Gift Giving

A naturally beautiful addition to any kitchen, handmade wooden bowls make for the perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Wooden bowls make excellent serving vessels not just for salads but just about anything from stews and salsa to cereal and coleslaw.

Large Hardwood Chopping Bowl with Chef's Mezzaluna, 12”

Quickly transform your veggies into a tasty chopped salad with a solid hardwood chopping bowl that comes with an extra-sharp mezzaluna chopper. Simply chop them up into bite size pieces right inside the bowl Made from sturdy American beech, this salad chopping bowl holds up well to the repeated pressure from the mezzaluna knife- great to have on hand for busy days!

Herb Hardwood Chopping Bowl with Chef's Mezzaluna

Meet the 9-inch version of the hardwood chopping bowl- it’s the same sturdy wood bowl and extra-sharp mezzaluna chopper but its smaller size is perfect for chopping herbs, nuts, seeds, and other smaller salad ingredients. Place them in the bowl and press down with the chopper- it’s that easy!

Solid Cherry Wooden Salad Bowl

Loved for its timeless appeal, this solid cherry wooden salad bowl has a classic warm tone that darkens to a rich reddish brown over time. With its lustrous patina, the cherry wood bowl serves as a gorgeous backdrop to your favorite mixed green salads- a stunning artisan-crafted piece you can give as a gift for any special occasion.

Black Walnut Wooden Salad Bowl

For someone who loves to entertain at home or bring large salads to potluck dinners, a 15-inch black walnut wooden salad bowl is the perfect heirloom gift. This all-natural wood bowl comes with unique grain patterns and a rich chocolate brown color, with creamy tones at times, making it an eye-catching centerpiece that will stand out on any dining table.

Honey Locust Wooden Salad Bowl

This honey locust wooden salad bowl has beautiful natural swirls of golden honey and cream wood, creating a one-of-a-kind background to your colorful chopped ingredients. Exceptionally tough and sturdy, this wood bowl stays with you for many years to come. With a unique look that’s not often seen elsewhere, the honey locust wooden salad bowl is a great conversation starter around the table.

Red Oak Wooden Salad Bowl

A durable, long-lasting heirloom that lasts for years to come, the red oak wooden salad bowl is another ultimate gift for friends and family who want high-quality material for their serveware. Featuring gorgeous grain patterns with rich, warm tones, the red oak wooden bowl pairs beautifully with crisp fresh greens and other salad ingredients with contrasting shapes, textures, and colors.

Maple Wooden Salad Bowl

A maple wooden salad bowl makes for an outstanding choice as a wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift. This handmade wooden bowl comes with light and warm creamy tones that pair superbly with colorful veggies and fruits that are all pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Plus, if you’re regularly serving fresh organic salads, you’ll also love how these all-natural bowls are free of dyes and other chemicals.

Mini Wooden Pinch Bowls (Condiment Cups, Prep Bowls)

Swap out your basic condiment cups with these mini wooden pinch bowls that bring classic elegance to the table. Enjoy easy prep of herbs and seasonings as well as individual servings of your favorite dips! These durable condiment containers are perfectly sized for quick food prep in the kitchen and double as charming table pieces for your guests.


Wooden Salad Servers, Classic Fork and Paddle

Throw in this pair of wooden salad servers- a classic fork and paddle- to complement your wooden bowl gift. Adding a rustic appeal to any kitchen space, they’re crafted from sustainable sourced hardwood too, and do a great job mixing ingredients in wooden salad bowls- they’re perfect for tossing greens, grains, fruits, side dishes, and more!