What Is The Best Wooden Salad Bowl?

A high-quality wooden salad bowl can be passed down from one generation to the next, especially if it’s maintained regularly. 

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best wooden salad bowl:

  • To ensure you’re getting the most out of your salad bowl, you need first-quality wood known for their valuable qualities such as hardness and longevity. The best wood for a salad bowl is natural hardwood, including Cherry, Maple, Oak, Black Walnut, Honey Locust, Beech- all of which are strong, durable, and each offer their own appeal in terms of color and warmth. These hardwoods are sturdy enough to be used as chopping bowls and can endure everyday use for dicing and slicing. These are hardworking, beautiful woods that will last and last. 

  • Avoid bamboos or other woods that have been glued. Your bowl should come from a single piece of hardwood - not one that was pieced together. Woods that have not been processed properly or harvested too soon will not have the same level of durability as with woods that have been aged and treated properly.

  • Sustainably sourced wood helps you feel good about your bowl as they are harvested using eco-friendly processes. These allow larger trees to make way for numerous smaller trees, maintaining a natural balance of diversity. 

  • Purchase your salad bowl from a specialty store. Big box stores and high production sources care less about the quality of the bowl and more about the quantity they produce. Rather than going for convenience, choosing a bowl that will season and age beautifully and be backed by a lifetime guarantee will ensure you continue to enjoy your bowl as time goes by.

  • Your bowl should be all-natural - free of wood stains, glazes, and chemicals to "enhance" the appearance. If the bowl started out as a gorgeous piece of hardwood, there is no need to stain it or alter its appearance. Naturally beautiful bowls feature a warm glow that comes from not just their wood type but also their cut and regular treatment with food-safe wood preserver.

  • Hand-turned bowls are a unique piece of art. Bowl turning takes years of training to perfect. These free-formed pieces rely on the hands of expert craftsmen who will turn out stunning bowls that are highly valued. Through this craftsmanship, the beautiful simplicity of wooden bowls come out.

  • Think of your bowls as a collection: you want high quality, you want functionality, you want an interesting blend of woods, and you want character. All in all, you want your wooden bowls to be crafted to perfection. 


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