How To Care For Wood Bowls

American Farmhouse Wooden Bowls are an everyday luxury whose exceptional quality can be appreciated by generations.

Each pristine quality wooden salad bowl is crafted from a single piece of premium hardwood from sustainably sourced forests. They are 100% all-natural;  free of fillers, chemicals, stains, and sealants. With proper wood bowl care, they only grow more beautiful with age. Here’s the surprisingly simple way to keep them in their best shape.

Regular Wood Conditioning

Proper conditioning of your wooden bowls will greatly extend their life, and keep them looking beautiful. This will help prevent them from drying out from use or exposure to drier climates.

All American Farmhouse wood bowls arrive ready to use; they have been hand-rubbed with our own organic wooden bowl preserver made from beeswax and natural oils, This rub penetrates the natural wood surface and protects the wood from drying and cracking. It also enhances the unique luster and color of the wood species.

After receiving your wood bowl you’ll want to give it a little extra TLC for the first month. Treat it weekly with food-safe mineral oil or a wood preserver. Using a soft cloth, simply rub a small amount on your bowls inside and out and allow it to sink in for at least 30 minutes. Wipe away excess.

After the first month, you should treat your bowls based on the frequency of use and your climate. Your wooden salad bowls were crafted to be used frequently - just be sure to rub the conditioner every few weeks or when they feel dry. Drier climate may require more frequent treatments. You will love the way your bowls look after each rub.

A word to the wise: never use olive or vegetable oils to condition your bowls. These can lead to the oils turning rancid in the bowl and producing bacteria. Always use a high-quality wood preserver designed to condition wood products. 


After use, all your wood bowls need is a nice sudsy wash with mild detergent and hand drying afterward. Be sure no water pools at the bottom of the bowl.

Top Tips:

Don’t allow any wooden product to soak in water. Water is the natural enemy of wood and can result in cracks.

Never put wood bowls in the dishwasher or use them in a microwave oven. All of these steps are necessary to prevent splitting, warping, and discoloration.

When following proper wooden bowl care, the wood tones will deepen with use and age, making the bowls even more beautiful.

Avoid long and heavy exposure to sunlight.

By following these steps on how to care for your wooden bowl, you can make sure that your natural wooden bowls will stay clean and undamaged, and look brand new for the next generations to come.


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