What Makes American Farmhouse Bowls the Best Wooden Salad Bowls?

Handcrafted by artisans, our wooden salad bowls are made from premium solid hardwood that can stand up to daily chopping and serving. Our expert craftsmen bring out the wood’s natural beauty and unique grain patterns, making these wooden salad bowls a great accent piece to your kitchen and table.

American Farmhouse Bowls are sturdy and durable.

Using premium hardwood, our wooden salad bowls are all rated #1 quality. Each bowl is carefully inspected for quality of wood (free of knots or defects) and quality of craftsmanship (balance, design). Because of this attention to quality, American Farmhouse Bowls are known for their durability and longevity. These include Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Honey Locust, and Beech wood. Tough and sturdy, our bowls can be used for easily chopping ingredients and serving them as a fresh, beautiful salad.

American Farmhouse Bowls are food-safe and non-toxic.

Our all-natural wooden salad bowls are free from wood stains and other chemicals. These bowls are crafted from a single piece of premium hardwood so there’s no need to add glues,  glazes, or other chemicals to alter their appearance. Expert cutting and sanding plus regular treatment with a food-safe wood preserver bring out the natural grain, color, and luster from each wooden salad bowl. 

American Farmhouse Bowls are easy to maintain.

By using a food-safe, high-quality unscented rub, you can preserve their unique color, markings, and sheen. Follow regular wood conditioning and cleansing to keep these wooden salad bowls clean and undamaged, and extend their life.

American Farmhouse Bowls are sustainable.

Sustainably sourced, our wooden salad bowls are crafted from wood that are harvested using eco-friendly processes. 

American Farmhouse Bowls are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

To ensure you continuously enjoy our products, our wooden salad bowls are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. With proper care and regular treatment, your wooden salad bowl will last a lifetime - guaranteed!


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