How to Treat Your Wooden Salad Bowls

Wooden salad bowls are a great addition to the kitchen. No other bowl compares to the beauty of an all-natural wood bowl as a backdrop to a colorful salad. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

All American Farmhouse Bowls arrive ready-to-use as they have already been pretreated with our organic wood bowl preserver for a natural finish.

Treat the wooden bowl regularly with food-safe mineral oil to keep them in excellent condition. Dry the bowl thoroughly, then apply the oil or rub generously using a soft cloth or towel. Pro tip: if you can, let the oil or rub soak in for a few hours, penetrating the wood deeply. Wipe the excess oil with a soft cloth. 

Never place wood in the dishwasher. Hand washing is the recommended way to clean your wooden bowls. After use, wash it in warm sudsy water and mild detergent. Rinse and dry the wood bowl thoroughly after washing. Do not let it sit in water to avoid cracking or splitting.

Make sure to apply the wood bowl preserver weekly for the first month you receive your bowl. After, you can use the rub about once a month or more frequently if you use the bowl often or whenever the bowl feels dry to the touch. The important thing is to let the wood bowl preserver nourish your bowl and maintain its pristine condition.

Quick Guide to Choosing Wood for Your Wooden Bowl

Here are some of the best wood options that can guarantee a long-lasting bowl, especially when given proper care and attention.


Cherry is a premium wood choice and an all-around favorite for its warm golden hues and luster. Its rich color makes cherry wooden bowls the perfect backdrop for your classic greens. 


Harder than cherry, maple is a gorgeous wood that comes in a beautiful light tone. With the natural sheen of warm maple wood and its creamy light tan appearance, maple wooden bowls create a striking contrast against darker fruits and salads.

Black Walnut

With its varying shade and swirls from deep espresso to lighter tan, these dramatic bowls are perfect centerpieces. The unique contrast in black walnut wooden bowls adds even more elegance to your unique and refined salads.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a classic wood choice that’s been widely recognized for its attractive grain patterns with many swirls and deviations. Its warm tones make it a timeless bowl for any salad. 

Honey Locust

The strongest hardwood we use for our bowls, Honey Locust is a rarer selection of wood choice for bowls but is one of the most interesting. With a beautiful contrast of golden hues and creamy patterns. Honey Locust wooden bowls are unique in character, making them great dinnertime conversation pieces.


Beech is a hardworking wood that looks just as beautiful as Cherry but stands up to chopping blades so well that it makes a wonderful salad and chopping bowl. Wooden bowls crafted from beech make dicing and slicing easier so you can quickly whip up your favorite salads. 

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