Timeless Tips on How to Maintain A Wooden Salad Bowl

Wooden salad bowls make an amazing addition to your dining table, regardless of the day or season. A wood bowl simply catches the attention of your guests whether it’s a holiday gathering or a summer get-together. With a few simple care steps you can keep your luster and gleam in your bowl no matter how many times you use it. That’s why we’ve put together these timeless tips on how to maintain a wooden salad bowl and help them last for the many years to come.

All American Farmhouse Bowls arrive ready-to-use; they’re so easy to clean and have been pre-treated with our organic wood bowl preserver for a natural finish.

How do I clean my wooden salad bowl?

After every use, wash your wood bowl with mild dish soap and warm water. After rinsing, dry immediately and thoroughly.

Do not leave your bowl to dry naturally or to soak as this causes cracks and warping. Never put it in the dishwasher- hand washing is the recommended way to clean your wood bowl. Never leave it in the fridge or full of soggy/moist food. Avoid putting in a microwave as extreme heat can cause damage as well.

How do I season my wooden salad bowl?

Our organic wooden salad bowl preserver is made from beeswax and natural oils. It effectively penetrates your wood bowl for a protective food-safe coating that’s free from chemicals.

For the first month, use this organic wood preserver every week. Your wooden salad bowl becomes accustomed to how often you use it. In a dry climate, you may need to season it more frequently.

With a soft cloth, apply the wood preserver generously. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes or more to leave a soft, protective luster. Wipe off any excess oils with the soft cloth.

After the first month, it’s best to season your wooden salad bowl once every two to four weeks- it all depends on how often you use it.

How often can I use my wooden salad bowl?

Wooden salad bowls are intended for everyday use. Regular maintenance, like proper washing, drying, and seasoning, keep them in excellent condition. Using an organic wood-safe preserver rub can also help keep them in great shape.

How do I store my wooden salad bowl?

Durable and resilient, you can stack your wooden salad bowls together and save a lot of space. Open shelves are also a safe option if you plan to put your lovely bowls on display. Just be sure to keep them away from constant sunlight which can dry them out.

Whether you’ve owned wooden salad bowls for years now or are just planning to purchase a brand new one, these tips are helpful for anyone who wants to retain the natural finish and durability of their bowls. These tips work effectively not just for wooden bowls, though- use them for your wooden utensils, cutting boards, and platters too!

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