Why Cherry Is a Popular Choice for Wooden Bowls

Cherry wood is a timeless choice for bowls. Prized for its deep, rich color, cherry wood bowls are also sturdy and durable, making them heirlooms that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Here are some of the reasons cherry is so often a top choice for wooden salad bowls.

1. Rich, warm color

Cherry wood is widely known for its unique color properties. It can vary from a light tan to warm lustrous golden with copper hues and deepens into rich, reddish-brown over time. 

The wood naturally darkens within the first six months of being exposed to light, although at times it may take a few years before it reaches the reddish-brown hue. 

Thanks to their rich color, cherry wooden bowls serve as the perfect backdrop for your crisp greens.

2. Smooth texture

Cherry wood has a smooth, fine, and straight-grain texture with a natural luster. Occasionally, you may find dark flecks and streaks in the wood caused by mineral deposits, gum streaking, and pine knots. 

You may also find several grain contrasts in the same piece of cherry wood depending on the tree’s growth. The darker grain is typically closer to the heartwood or the tree’s center whereas the lighter grain is often closer to the sapwood or the tree’s bark. 

To enhance the beautiful grain, hand-rubbing of our unscented organic rub is enough to help maintain the cherry wooden bowls’ warm sheen. Its natural luster and grain characteristics are enhanced by regular treatments.

3. Strength and sturdiness

A Janka value measures the resistance of wood to denting and scratching. Cherry wood has a 950 rating on the Janka hardness scale which means it has good strength and durability.

That is why cherry is such a popular choice for flooring and furniture - it offers both beauty and endurance. As a wood bowl, cherry is expected to last for generations, especially when given proper care and attention.

4. Sustainability

Cherry wood is one of the most harvested lumber in the United States, and the close proximity of these cherry forests leads to a smaller carbon footprint, thanks to short transportation routes. 

All of the cherry used in American Farmhouse Bowls is sustainably sourced. Only large diameter trees are used allowing less mature trees to take their place and have sunlight exposure. Single-tree collection helps forests to naturally regrow themselves. 

Using cherry wood also serves as an alternative to imported rainforest woods, helping to preserve some of the planet’s most biodiverse wildlife habitats. 

How to Care for Cherry Wooden Bowls

Bowls that are regularly treated using a wood preserver should maintain their beautiful color and sheen.


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